Monday, January 8, 2007

Stage 1 -

Update - latest video of where the Hummer is stuck in the mud.

Where it all starts for the Hummer. Still on the hard stuff in Lisbon. Looks like it is just prior to the start.

Check about 2:23 for the Monster Hummer. I think Miller goes by at :37 into this one.

At 3:45 - the Monster Hummer flies by - don't blink!

Throwing some sand - heads up!

Another sweet shot here.

More Hummer video here.

More Monster Hummer in this shot. Not sure if it is Stage 1 or 2.

Some euroguy's idea of fun. Another drive by of the Hummer. Caution: video is shot sideways.

Grandola - I think this was part of Stage 1. Monster Hummer at 2:00 of this clip.

Quick clip of the Monster Hummer

Eurosport video here - footage of the Monster Hummer where it was stuck at about 3:15 into the movie.

Banhos de Lama - no video of the Monster Hummer here but plenty of cars high centering in the muck. Looks similar to the location that the Monster Hummer was stuck in Stage 1 as shown on the Micron video.

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